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Christmas Wish List (Hartbridge Christmas Series, Book 2) AUDIO

Christmas Wish List (Hartbridge Christmas Series, Book 2) AUDIO

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Narrated by Glen Lloyd

In need of work and a change of scenery, Aussie expat Jayden Turner agrees to a short-term chef position at a bed-and-breakfast over the Christmas holidays. After all, how hard could it be in a small town in the mountains of Montana? What he finds is a grand old house in a beautiful town, and his new boss is gorgeous, gay, and single.

After his divorce, Carter “Cass” Campion bought his great-aunt’s run-down country manor in his hometown, and he’s determined to get it ready for the busy holiday period. Recently out as gay, he’s been focused solely on his business and hasn’t had time for a man. Not that many gay men come through Hartbridge....

As his new clients arrive, and being away from his two kids, celebrating Christmas is the last thing on Cass’ mind. But his new chef has other ideas. And if there’s one thing on his Christmas wishlist this year, Jayden can make it come true.