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Holiday Heart Strings (Hartbridge Christmas Series, Book 4) AUDIO

Holiday Heart Strings (Hartbridge Christmas Series, Book 4) AUDIO

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Narrated by Glen Lloyd

Englishman Braithe Branson arrives in Hartbridge, Montana, to take on a brief substitute kindergarten teacher position. His introduction to the sleepy town is being pulled over for speeding. Not an ideal start, but at least the deputy was cute.

Colson Price takes being a deputy very seriously. After all, his job is all he has. Disowned by his family ten years ago, he's vowed to stay closeted so it won't cost him everything all over again.

But the holidays are tough for Colson, and the new guy in town is far too tempting. With a promise of some very private no-strings encounters on the downlow, he can't resist.

Braithe is charmed by the handsome deputy, the gorgeous town, and the great group of friends he meets. But as the countdown to leaving gets closer, the more tangled the 'no strings' becomes.