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Into the Tempest (Storm Boys Series Book Two) AUDIO

Into the Tempest (Storm Boys Series Book Two) AUDIO

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Narrated by Glen Lloyd

Jeremiah Overton is now in charge of Darwin’s Bureau of Meteorology, and his storm chaser boyfriend, Tully Larson, couldn’t be happier. For Tully, it means watching summer storms with the love of his life but for Jeremiah, it means relearning everything on equipment that’s older than he is.

But summer storms also mean it’s cyclone season. While Tully’s no stranger to tropical storms and the occasional cyclone, for Jeremiah, it’s a first.

As Tropical Cyclone Hazer bears down on the city, Jeremiah and Tully prepare to stay behind. Jeremiah knows what to expect, theoretically, but living through it is a different story.

If they live through it at all.