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Bloom Paperback

Bloom Paperback

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Keats McCulloch opened his florist shop in Sydney two years ago and he’s living his dream. Even though running his own business leaves little room for a personal life, he is very single, sometimes lonely, but otherwise happy.

Linden Acres has sworn off men for all eternity. Armed with his cheating boyfriend’s credit card and a floriography list, he decides to buy him the perfect farewell gift. The biggest, prettiest bouquet of ‘murder flowers’ his money can buy.

Keats convinces Linden to avoid possible jail time and go with a more subdued, somewhat passive aggressive bouquet of black roses and basil leaves. After all, nothing else says you’re dead to me and I hate you with such elegance.

Keats finds Linden hilarious and charming, and Linden thinks Keats is kind of wonderful . . . It’s too bad he’s sworn off men forever. Yet their paths cross again and again, as if fate was planting seeds in the hope that one will bloom. 

“I’m more of a green carnations kind of guy.”